Check in 25 & 26 June 2011 12 – 3pm

For one Weekend only!
25 & 26 June 2011, 12 – 3pm

Three artists took over three rooms at Harbourside, a former guesthouse overlooking the Folkestone coast. Photographic installations explore a variety of domestic histories; of Pets, Pornography and Perfection.

Liv Pennington  invited Jo Longhurst and Eva Stenram to exhibit in the former guest-bedrooms. The room that each artist has been given has been carefully considered in relation to their work.

Jo Longhurst has been invited to exhibit her 2006 circular triptych At Home alongside new works, Aerial Storm and Coloured Bloodlines. Jo and her dogs are at the very top of the house in the room called Lark, with deep heavy shag pile carpet, views of the harbour. It has become a space for both dogs and humans to dream in and get away from it all.

Eva Stenram is exhibiting in Dove, a very pink and white back bedroom reached only by going through a bathroom. It is this strange mix of public, private and personal encounters that is experienced again when you view Stenram’s ongoing pornography/forest_pics series.

Liv Pennington employs the services of online digital retouchers in ‘The Standard Package Trilogy’ 2008 -2011. Self portraits repeatedly and narcissistically take over the living room walls and flat screen television, leaving no room for anyone else in the pursuit for the right image.

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To down load ‘Check in’ press release & artist bios please click here

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