Check out – 24th & 25th September 12-3pm

One Weekend only – Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th September 12 – 3pm

For the closing weekend of the Folkestone Triennial, three artists take over three rooms at Harbourside, a former guesthouse overlooking the Folkestone coast. Photographic installations and projections explore metamorphosis, staged performance and potential nightmares.

Liv Pennington has invited Claire Haddon and Lynda Ni Duil to exhibit in the former guest-bedrooms. The room that each artist has been given has been carefully considered in relation to their work.

Claire Haddon has been invited to exhibit two photographic works in the guest room called Dove. Several works from the ‘Butterfly’ series will be installed in the bedroom. But to reach the bedroom you have to first navigate the bathroom where Claire’s ‘Film Sunsets’ will wash over you.

Lynda Ni Duil’s work can be found in Lark at the very top of the house. ‘Insomnie’ 2009 is a monochrome projection piece filled with restless, abstract but human movement.

Liv Pennington has work in the hall and the living room, she will be showing the complete series of ‘Race’, and also very excited to present an image from a work in progess ‘OVUM’, 2011.

Check out press release

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