Claire Haddon

Falling somewhere between photography, film, sculpture and installation, Claire Haddon’s work is an exploration of a human interaction with abstract qualities such as light, time, layers, cycles and change. She often takes a process-led approach, using as a metaphor the physical substance of photography and film.

Interested in making work which highlights layers of perception and the choices we make in what we see. Claire often takes photographs of everyday things, but presents them in specific ways to encourage an alternative interpretation.


As well as exhibiting in galleries, Claire shows work outside conventional spaces where its status as ‘art’ is not defined. By doing so she hopes to engage with a wider audience and to encourage a constant re-evaluation of the work and its place in the lives of people who come across it.

One Response to “Claire Haddon”

  1. sara Keeping Says:

    A beautiful image Claire I would love to see them in situ.
    Sara K

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