Liv Pennington

Liv Pennington is an artist & curator based in Folkestone and very much enjoys living in Harbourside. Her work is simultaneously about portraiture and representation. Through the medium of photography, video and performance she explores ways that emotional relationships may affect our perception of body image and personality, whilst playing with the different formats and roles that photography can have. Pennington enjoys speculation, conversation and reciprocation and has a reactive approach, autobiographical in a sense; she has explored and continues to investigate attraction, desire, selection and fertility. It seems to be a logical progression for Liv that domesticity, gender roles, motherhood, parenting and the disappearance of self would be reflected in current and future pieces.

Recent exhibitions include; Open Art, Orebro, Sweden, 2011; KOAX, Mascalls Gallery, Paddock Wood, 2011; Birthrites, Islington Mills, Manchester, 2010; Yaku Nasu & Liv Pennington, Co-Exist, Southend, 2010; Exquisite Corpse, Core Gallery, 2010; The Affluenza Exhibition, London, 2009; Tickle Attack, Backlight 8Th International Triennial, Photographic Centre Nykyaika, Tampere, Finland, 2008/9; Face Value, Oriel Mostyn, Wales 2008; As Serious as Your Life, Bild Museet, Umea, Sweden 2007

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